My top 6 game changer products

In this article I am going to share my top 6 beauty and skin products, I like to call them my ‘Game Changers’, but first……A bit about me.

Hi, I’m Stacey, founder and owner of angels beauty boutique.
I qualified as a beauty therapist back in 1998 and have trained continuously throughout my
career working with many product brands, my work is truly my passion.

Angels was born

After gaining lots of experience working within spas and salons I decided to take the plunge
and open my own boutique in 2006.


  • My favourite brand of all was Dermalogica (which i still love) it is there that I completed the bulk of my training post college working my way up to becoming a Skin Expert.

Moving on

In recent times I have explored other skincare brands, I believe using the best for my skin but I no longer believe in only using one brand alone, but a combination of the best tried and tested to suit my budget and lifestyle is the key.

I have spent the last year trying
lots of other product brands so I wanted to share my knowledge and some
recommendations with you.

Hope you find it useful

Stacey x

1: Elemis Superfood Facial Oil
This oil is simply divine, super hydrating and absorbs beautifully…only goodness in this
2: Dermalogica Daily Glycolic Cleanser
Cleanses perfectly, brightens and gently exfoliates whilst hydrating, its a 3 in 1 power
3: Anastasia Dewy Set Spray
Quite frankly your skin becomes flawless after applying this on top of your make-up, it’s may aswell have superpowers.

4: Iconic London Mascara
I always have problems keeping my mascara from ending up underneath my eyes. Problem
solved with this, the product itself is non clumpy and the brush head is fine so it actually
does separate and lengthen lashes and stays put for the whole day.

5: Dermalogica Mulivitamin Power Recovery Mask
This is my go to skin boosting product, it is literally jam packed with concentrated vitamins
and antioxidants, feeding your skin with nutrients. I often go to sleep in this mask and wake
up bright as a button.

6: Bowe Brow/lash Oil
A must have for post brow and lash services. Organically produced it will help to maintain
the quality of your brows/lashes, nourishment is the key here with natural ingredients to help lengthen and thicken the hair.


“Treat yourself”